What she said : I'm fine
What she means: I fucking love Jason Todd
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Wonder Woman,

The Multiversity #1

So I guess this is a thing that’s happening? How fucking depressing is it that it seems that DC needs to make things a completely alternate universe in order for any of it’s flagship heroes be black?

Thank you for your input, it was completely useless. DC has more than one Earth where the main Trinity is composed of black heroes. And so far there are two black supermen in alternate earths.

Now regarding Nubia, this Wonder Woman, she is also present in the main verse 

As for the Green Lantern in the background, there’s nothing of “completely alternate universe” to it, since it is likely that he’s John Stewart - a green lantern that also exists in the main verse -, as Hal’s equivalent on that Earth is white. 

And why not have as many verses as possible where the characters have more diversity? It is good in the main verse, and it should happen way more often, but there’s nothing reprehinsible of also creating more universes, who do get attention.

Now, as for the main verse, it’s also not unusual for people of color to take on mantles previously doned by white heroes - including women of color taking mantles that were previously about white male heroes. You can check out this post. And DC has already also racebent originally white characters.

So don’t come to my post and and act like you know half the story already.

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The Book 3 finale was the best thing I’ve ever seen. 

Hands down. 

Thank you so much Mike, Bryan, the production team, the composers, the artists, the animators for producing a phenomenal finale.

Phenomenal doesn’t begin to cover how amazing and wonderful it was. 

Thank you. 

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Book 1 Premiere (2012/04/14) & Book 3 Finale (2014/08/22)

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Dulé Hill takes the #IceBucketChallenge
         ”I nominate Jaleel White, Lamorne Morris, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Andrew Porteous, and Georgia Maher. That’s right - I’m talking to you @TexasArtChick! I’m doing this for the late Andrene Dipronio, always love to the Gabay family!”

Yay! Dulé did the challenge and nominated his Psych co-stars!

For more information on ALS and how to donate, check out ALSA.org

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Equinox: Justice League United #0
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bumi and kyaaaaa

guessing their age difference from that family photo, if bumi is 10 years older than tenzin, he’s 10-11 in that photo and kya looks like 2 so idk i guess a strapping 16 year old bumi and 8 year old kya lol

actual brotp doe

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